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Praise For The Book

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“Being able to read quickly, efficiently and most importantly with understanding are key to undergraduate life. I commend James Abela for making the effort to encourage students to do this.”
Ooi Chee Kok, President
Taylor’s University College
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Reading is an important and necessary skill, because it allows you to go on learning and finding useful information on your own. Contrary to what is widely considered, it is not an easy skill to acquire. Being able to read fast and at the same time thoroughly comprehend what we are reading, takes a lot of practice and time.

This book provides the reader with a lot of tips to shorten this process and make it easier. The author is an experienced trainer who knows what problems inexperienced readers may encounter. For that reason, the book provides a succinct and easy to read guide to solve all the problems they may encounter.

To say that the book is aimed only at inexperienced readers would be an oversimplification. Experienced readers will find lots of interesting things too. The book gives a lot of information and ideas on how to use new technologies. People who are used to reading books and newspapers may not be familiar with online Speed Reading techniques.

Finally, I believe that the book is a great tool for foreign language students. I am an English as a foreign language teacher in Argentina, so that is my main concern. Students find it quite difficult to be able to read quickly and understand at the same time in a foreign language. Most of the ideas expressed in this book are ideas that are useful for language learners too.

I think that the main advantages of this book are that it is compact, precise, didactic and to the point."
Sabrina De Vita
English Teacher
Challenge Institute of Language and Technology
Buenos Aires, Argetina

"In an age where tv, dvd, cinema and playstations have taken over the world of our youth it was really refreshing to see a progressive, instructive and to the point book to open up the world of reading.

UK schools have had Government initiatives in Literacy Hour, the teaching of phonics, the Harry Potter infuence to help boys especially become more interested in reading, but very little in using the reading skill to it's full potential.

This book will not just encourage the interested reader or teacher to become more interested ,but also the poor reader to realise that it is not just magic to read, to quickly understand what they are reading and why, through the simple skills and techniques.

Knowledge is power and reading can open up that world.

The book cleverly breaks down the different reasons and purposes in reading from leisure to summarising, examinations to research and perhaps today with the emphasis on high speed information gathering. The internet, e-mailing and text message information around the world at a higher speed than ever before in the English language, will create a generation of mobile, literate and highly competative people hungry to grasp the English language but at a quicker speed than ever before.

This book will not only help those hungry to get on in their lives but encourage them to make a mark for the future.
I thoroughly recommend this book."
Brian Almond
Teacher Trainer
Kristall International
Carmarthen, United Kingdom

"I find it very easy to understand, the language is simple and I love your tips. I believe that it will be very useful especially for researchers and university students. If it can be taught as a module in schools then I believe it would encourage everybody to read, because it makes reading far less laborious."
Norizan Mohamed Said
Former VP Business Development
Celcom Technology

"James Abela's Speed Reading book delivers a first rate package that can be read by anybody from 12 to 80 and what's more his light-hearted wit makes it a real page turner."
Nora Khamis
Master English Resources


"A comprehensive guide to speed reading for people of all ages. Enables them to become more focussed and effective in their reading. Ideas lucidly explained; readers will definitely be able to pick up and employ the useful tips this book offers."
Anna Cherubin
Head Of Language Department
Kulim Secondary School

 "My life as a working postgraduate student can best be described as 'Time-famine'. James' speed reading techniques are valuable and practical for managing the seemingly insurmountable reading requirements."  
Loh Chang Meng
Post-graduate Student
University Malaya

"I enjoyed what I read and being able to quickly skim and scan research materials is a skill all students need and, of course, such an ability would benefit those taking such ‘high-stakes tests’ as the TOEFL or IELTS."
Phil Cozens.
Senior Lecturer
Petroleum Institute
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"James Abela is to be commended for undertaking this task. I think it will be very helpful to English language learners looking to improve their reading and Internet searching abilities."
Susan W. Peters
Adjunct Assistant Professor, English for Academic Purposes
Johnson County Community College
Kansas, USA

"Easy to read and is based on good teaching principals as well as good book design.
I think it will be good for my students. It is everything that I was taught in
Education plus up-to-date tips for the cyberworld."
Sally Olsen
Teacher Co-ordinator
University of the Humanities
Ulaan Baator, Mongolia

"I realize that we haven't been taught the techniques, strategies and real purposes of reading, that's why I think this book will appeal to most people or at least those who want and wish to improve their reading skills. It's extremely interesting, easy to read and has a lot of ideas as to how I can improve my students' reading speed and of course mine too."
Evangelina Cecchel
English Teacher
National Technology University
Cordoba, Argentina

"This well-written book delivers a series of stretegies one can use to
increase the rate of reading. The title of the book speaks for itself: Speed
Reading! It is a must read for students and teachers as the benefit of speed
reading is invaluable. I enjoyed the book very much!"
Shazra Abdul Wahid
English Teacher
Republic of Maldives